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Тест по английскому языку 10 класс

Test for Unit 1. Form 10.
Test 1A.
 1.   Fill in ”the” where necessary.
1.   Last year we visited … Canada and … United States.

2.   … Asia is much larger than … Europe.
3.   We went to … Spain for our holidays and swam in … Mediterranean.
4.   Next year we are going skiing in … Swiss Alps.
5.   … Everest was first climbed in 1953.
6.   … Nile is the longest river in … Africa.
7.   Tom has visited most countries in … western Europe.
8.   United Kingdom consists of … Great Britain and … Northern Ireland.

2.   Make new sentences from these questions.
1.   What does that sign mean? I wonder …
2.   Where did you buy your computer? Can’t you remember …?
3.   Where does Dan go? Have you got any idea…?
4.   Why were you crying? I want to know…
5.   Where is the railway station? Could you tell me …?

3.   Choose the correct item.
1.   (So/Because of) the fact that there was a snowstorm, all train departures were cancelled.
2.   (Because/Due to) the traffic, I arrived at the office late.
3.   I’d like to spend a weekend in the mountainous area (because/that’s why) I am fond of climbing.
4.   Australia is separated from the other continents. (Due to/That’s why) its wildlife is so unique.
Test 1B.

1.   Fill in ”the” where necessary.
1.   …Grand Canyon is in … Arizona.
2.   He visited …Pyramids while he was in …Egypt.
3.   Anna comes from … Netherlands but she lives in … USA now.
4.   Malta is in … Mediterranean.
5.   … Amazon is the longest river in the world.
6.   … Panama Canal joins … Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
7.   … Rocky Mountains are situated in the west of … North America?
8.   I think … Lake Michigan is very beautiful.

2.   Make new sentences from these questions.
1.   How much does it cost to park here? Do you know …?
2.   What qualifications do I need? I want to know …
3.   Where is the supermarket? Could you tell me …?
4.   What does this quotation mean? Have you got any idea …?
5.   Where can I book the ticket? I wonder …

3.   Choose the correct item.
1.   Probably, (that’s why/due to) its geographical position and landscapes, Australia’s population is very small.
2.   (Thanks to/So) the fact that Anna has a beautiful voice, the concert was a great success.
3.   I heard a noise (so/because) I got out of bed and turned the light on.
4.   I do it well (because/that’s why) I trained a lot.

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