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Тест по страноведению 8 класс

1.      What is the official name of the country whose language you study?
a) Great Britain   b) England     c) the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 

2.      How many countries does the UK consist of?
a) four               b) three                c) two

3.      The capital of the UK is …
a) Oxford          b) England            c) London

4.      Who is the head of the country?
a) Bill Clinton        b) Vladimir Putin        c) Elizabeth II

5.      The best known river in GB is …
a) The Nile              b) The Volga              c) The Thames

6.      What is the highest point in the UK?
a) Ben Nevis           b) Caucasus                c) Pik Communisma

7.      What lake does the famous Scottish monster live in?
a) Lough Erne         b)Loch Lemond          c) Loch Ness
8.      What is the emblem of England?
a) a shamrock          b) a red rose               c) a leek

9.      What is the emblem of Scotland?
a) a daffodil             b) a dragon                 c) a thistle

10. What is the emblem of Wales?
a) a shamrock, a clover and a red hand          b) a rose and the Saint George’s cross
c) a dragon, a daffodil, a leek and a dove

11. What is the emblem of Northern Ireland?
a) a shamrock            b) a red rose                 c) a thistle

12. What is the name of the British national flag?
a) the Union Jack        b) the Saint Andrew’s Cross              c) the Saint David’s Cross

13. Buckingham Palace is …
a) the London home of the Queen      b) a prison               c) a church

14. Saint Paul’s Cathedral is …
a) an art gallery          b) the seat of the British government           c) famous church

15. What is Big Ben?
a) a river             b) a clock              c) a bus

16. Where is Nelson’s Column situated?
a) in Parliament Square           b) in Trafalgar Square               c) in Piccadilly Circus

17. What is the double-decker?
a) a bus           b)  a train            c) a teacher
18. What is the most important airport in Great Britain?
a) a Heathrow Airport             b) Domodedovo                   c) Stansted Airport

19. What is the fastest way to cross the English Channel?
a) through the Channel Tunnel                 b) by boat                     c) by ferry

20. What is the highest mark in British schools?
a) A       b) B                c) C
21. What Universities have the highest academic reputation in the UK?
a) Oxford-Cambridge Universities   b) London –Bristol Universities  c) Red-Rick Universities

22. The Raven Master in the Tower of London is the person who …
a) gives the ravens food               b)  guards the Tower             c) paint pictures
23. The telephone was invented by …
a) Charlie Chaplin          b) Alexander Fleming              c) Alexander Bell

24. William Shakespeare was …
a) an American painter             b) an English poet               c) a Russian film actor

25. What is the most popular sport event in Scotland?
a) the Highland Games   b) the Commonwealth games       c) the Wimbledon Championship

26. What are the most popular sports in the UK?
a) basketball, pole climbing          b) hockey, baseball        c) football, cricket

27. The British are said to …
a) be polite and well-mannered   b) have no sense of humor            c) be careless

28. What is the Scottish national costume for man?
a) the tuxedo            b) the bearskin                c) the kilt

29. The British money is …
a) the dollar                 b) the pound                   c) the cent

30. A product Cadbury is famous for …
a) toothpaste            b) cake                c) chocolate

31. Who is the most popular hero of English ballads?
a) Peter Pen                  b) Robin Hood                    c) Tom Sawyer

32. The Tower of London now is a …
a) royal palace                   b) museum                      c) prison

33. What city does the 0 meridian pass through?
a) Nottingham                 b) Sheffield                  c) Greenwich

34. Stonehenge is a …
a) theatre                 b) town                   c) place for religious rituals

35. What was the first famous British pop-group from Liverpool?
a) the Beatles             b) Deep Purple            c) Queen

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