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Тест по английскому языку 11 класс

Unit 7. Test 7A
 1.    Put the verbs in brackets into the correct passive form.
There is an old castle in Warwick which is believed to (1. haunt). It (2. call) Black Castle and it (3. say) that ghosts can (4. see) there at night. The castle (5. build) 300 years ago and (6. own) by two old ladies who (7. believe) to be witches.
One day, long ago, they both disappeared and they (8. never, see) again. In 1995 the castle (9. buy) by a businessman and (10. convert) into a luxurious hotel. The castle (11. visit) by quite a few guests every year and special groups (12. organize) to watch for ghosts. It has been a long time since any ghosts (13. see), but one night a trick (14. play) on some visitors by a local couple, who dressed up as two ”ghosts”. They (15. see) by a guest, who said she (16. frighten) almost to death. The couple apologized the next day.

2.    Put the verbs in brackets into Past Simple or Present Perfect.
1.    Jill: … (1. you/be)  on holiday this year?
Fred: No, I (2. can/not) go, because I (3. break) my leg in July and (4. have) to stay in hospital.
2.    Helen: … (5. you/visit) the British Museum yet?
Dan: yes, I (6. be) there three times, but I (7. not/see) everything yet.
3.    Nan: I’m ever so sorry, Jim, but I (8. burn) your lunch. Mary (9. phone) and I (10. forget) about the food.
Jim: That’s OK. I (11. already/eat).
4.    Kate: I (12. buy) a new coat yesterday, but when I (13. arrive) home, I (14. find) a hole in the seam.
Laura: What (15. you/do)? … (16. you/take) it back to the shop?
Kate: No, I (17. not/be) into town yet. I’ll do this afternoon.

3.    Choose the correct word.
1.    A test satellite was (launched/set out) from Cape Canaveral.
2.    It seems difficult to remember at first, but after a while it becomes (essential/automatic).
3.    I liked this (compact/cordless) camera because I can keep it in my pocket.
4.    If affected by drowsiness, do not drive or (save/operate) heavy machinery.

Test 7B
1.    Put the verbs in brackets into the correct passive form.
Doctor Morton, who (1. award) a major science prize last month, (2. invite) to take part in a conference which (3. hold) in Birmingham last week. He (4. meet) at the airport by a driver who, unfortunately, (5. give) the name of the wrong hotel to take the doctor to. A large reception (6. organize) for the doctor, and at least 100 eminent scientists (7. invite) to meet him that evening. The poor Mr Morton, however, (8. leave) at a small hotel in a rather bad area, and when he asked to speak to the Head of the Conference Committee he (9. tell) to try somewhere else because he (10. hear of, not) there. Luckily, later that evening, the driver (11. send) to the hotel where the reception (12. hold), and when he (13. ask) what he had done with the doctor, everyone realized that a mistake (14. make). Mr Morton says that if he (15. ever, send) another invitation to a conference, he hopes it (16. organize) more efficiently.

2.    Put the verbs in brackets into Past Simple or Present Perfect.
1.    Hair-dresser: Your hair (1. grow) a lot since I last (2. see) you.
     Client: Yes, I (3. want) to get it cut last week but I (4. be) too busy.
2.    Bob: I (5. never/fly) before and I’m very nervous about it.
     Frank: I (6. feel) like that the first time I (7. fly), but I thoroughly (8. enjoy) it.
3.    Lena: I (9. lose) my glasses. … (10. you/see) them anywhere?
Sally: No. Where (11. you/put) them?
Lena: I (12. put) them on the table a minute ago, but they’re not there now.
4.    John: … (13. you/ever/meet) anyone famous?
Ron: Yes, I (14. speak) to Diana Ross and I (15. see) John Lennon before he was killed.
5.    Ted: Where (16. you/go) on holiday?
Sam: To Rhodes.
Ted: Yes, I (17. go) there last year. It was great.

3.    Choose the correct word.
1.    Don’t forget to (save/launch) before you close the file.
2.    It’s a good idea to recycle household (gadget/waste).
3.    One-parent families are now (commonplace/essential) in our society.
  1. (Diesel/Digital) recording is a high quality recording of sound made by changing information about the sound into the binary system.

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