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Тест по английскому языку 11 класс

Unit 5. Test 5A.
       I.      Complete the sentences using the and one of the following adjectives: poor, rich, homeless, disabled, unemployed.
  1. The school has special facilities for …, like lifts, wide doors and special toilets.
  2. Winter is a difficult season for … who often die of cold and hunger.
  3. The government has created new workplaces for…
  4. Should … pay higher taxes to support…

    II.      Choose the correct item.
Dear Dan,
I’m having a great tome in Scotland, (1. despite/while) the bad weather! We arrived safely in Edinburgh, (2. although/in spite of) the train was two hours late. (3. Whereas/In spite of) the fact that I miss America, I’m still enjoying myself. Tomorrow my friend is leaving for home (4. though/whereas) I still have three more days here. I’m going to visit Holy rood Palace, (5. despite/even though) the fact that I’ve been there before. I’m looking forward to going home. I think I’ll miss Scotland a little, (6. in spite of/though).                                                                                                                                   
 III.      Make new sentences from these questions.
  1. Where is the post office? Could you tell me…?
  2. What does this word mean? Do you know …?
  3. Where did you park your car? Can’t you remember …?
  4. Is Jim coming to the meeting? I wonder…
  5. What time did he leave? Have you got any idea …?

 IV.      Complete the sentences with the words income, insurance, allowance, welfare, security, benefit.
  1. All donations are used for the … of disabled children.
  2. His father gave him an … of 1000 $ a year.
  3. The  company’s … officer deals with employees’ personal problems.
  4. Do you have … on your household contents?
  5. Does your insurance provide enough … against illness?
  6. It’s only reasonable that people on a high … should pay more tax.

  7. Test 5B
           I.      Complete the sentences using the and one of the following adjectives: rich, deaf, homeless, blind, old.
    1. …usually walk slowly.
    2. There is a shortage of guide dogs for…
    3. A new hostel is to be opened for…
    4. … pay a lot of income tax.
    5. Sign language is usually taught to … to enable them to communicate.

        II.      Choose the correct item.
    1. (Although/Despite) Nick eats eggs, his sister won’t touch it.
    2. I can’t stand classical music, (whereas/in spite of) my mother loves it.
    3. (Despite/Although) it was snowing, the road was clear.
    4. Peter loves playing football, (while/despite) Tom prefers basketball.
    5. (Although/Despite) the traffic, we made it to school on time.
    6. (In spite of/ Although) the fact that I didn’t study, I passed the exam.
     III.      Make new sentences from these questions.
    1. Did he see you? Could you tell me…?
    2. When will Frank arrive? Do you know…?
    3. Why were you laughing? I want to know…
    4. Where can I change some money? I wonder…
    5. What qualifications do I need? Have you any idea…?

     IV.      Complete the sentences with the words discount, emergency, tax, increments, pensions, provision.
    1. They both have their … to live on that they’ve retied.
    2. What are you earning before…?
    3. Ralf wanted to make proper … for his children.
    4. Lifeguards are trained to deal with…
    5. The starting salary is 1000 $, but with … it can rise to 1600$.
    6. Do I get a … if I buy a whole case of wine?

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