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Лексико-грамматическое тестирование 7 класс

Test A 
  1. He… his day off well last year.
      a) spent    b) spends  c) spend

  1. What … you listen to yesterday?
      a) did       b) does     c) do
  1. I wish we … regular outings to historical places.
      a)  have    b) had      c) has
  1. John says … he likes sports.
      a) what     b) that      c) which
  1. What  is the meaning … this word?
      a) at          b) by        c) of
  1. She … done her work well.
      a) have     b) has       c) had
  1. They run …
      a) fastly    b) fast      c) slow
  1. My dad works … than I do.
      a) hard      b)harder   c) hardly
  1. Practice is the … master.
      a) best       b) good    c) better
  1. We … keep nature clean.
      a) must      b) need     c) can
  1. We go to the country … a month.
      a) one        b) once     c) two
  1. He … to ride a car.
      a) be taught   b) is taught   c) is teach
  1. Our teacher cheers us … every time.
      a) up          b) by        c) through
  1. My sister is a girl … is good at Math.
      a) which    b) whom   c) who
  1. My mother is a person with … I’m never bored.
      a) whom    b) who      c) what
  1. Sergei Korolev was … well-known constructor.
      a) an          b) a           c) the
  1. Elvis Presley was … first to sing rock’n’roll in a different style.
      a) the         b) a           c) an
  1. A good pupil is the one … works hard.
      a) whose    b) what     c) who
  1. The show was … . I was… .
      a) boring, bored          b) bored, boring
  1. Ann is proud … flowers.
      a) about      b) of         c) on        
  1. She … her grandparents in July.
      a) has visited    b) is visiting  c) is visited
  1. He is a good … . He can act well.
      a) actor       b) acting   c) actress
  1. We … the shopping every week.
      a) make      b) do         c) does
  1. Let’s … friends with the boy.
      a) make      b) do         c) made
  1. Tourists … sightseeing every day.
      a) go           b) play      c) do
  1. We … games after school.
      a) go           b) play      c) do

Test B
  1. Last year they … the new library.
      a) builds            b) built              c) build
  1. How did you … this work?
      a) do                  b) did                c) does
  1. He wishes he … a painter.
      a) were              b) was               c) is
  1. Ann says … she has read the book.
      a) that                b) what             c) who
  1. What do you mean … your words?
      a) by                  b) at                  c) of
  1. They have … to the lecture.
      a) listens            b) listened        c) listen
  1. He lives … with his family.
      a) happy            b) happily         c) happiness
  1. William speaks English … than me.
      a) better             b) gooder          c) best
  1. Please, do your … to read the text.
      a) best                b) better            c) well
  1. He … learn better.
      a) must              b) musts             c) need
  1. We clean our teeth … a day.
      a) twice             b) two                c) second
  1. They … to leave school next year.
a) are heard       b) is heard          c) be heard
  1. We care … each other.
a) through          b) of                   c) by
  1. Give me the book … I’ve taken from the library.
a) whom             b) who               c) that
  1. My father is a person … I can rely on.
a) whom             b) which             c) that
  1. Vladimir Putin is … president of Russia.
a) the                  b) an                   c) a
  1. He was … last to enter the classroom.
a) a                     b) the                  c) an
  1. A good dancer is the one … dancing is nice.
a) what               b) whose             c) who
  1. The book is … . I am … .
a) thrilled, thrilling                        b) thrilling, thrilled 
  1. He is mad … sport cars.
a) of                    b) about              c) after
  1. We think we … to the sport camp in summer.
a) will go            b) have done       c) are going
  1. Our dad is a perfect … . He speaks well.
a) speaking         b) speaker           c) speak
  1. She … her part-time job in the evening.
a) does                b) make               c) do
  1. I’d like to … you happy.
a) made               b) do                   c) make
  1. Tom … cycling twice a month.
a) goes                b) play                 c) do
  1.  Peter … athletics at the stadium.
a) goes                b) plays                c) does

Test C

  1. We … the film yesterday.
a) see                  b) saw                  c) seen
  1. When did you … the film?
a) watch              b) watched           c) watches
  1. They wish he … in time.
a) comes             b) come                c) came
  1. Harry says … he read the book last year.
a) what               b) that                   c) which
  1. What  does he mean … that?
a) at                    b) by                     c) of
  1. Sam has … his breakfast already.
a) ate                  b) eaten                 c) eats
  1. My mother spends money …
a) wise               b) wisdom             c) wisely
  1. David feels very … .
a) well                b) good                 c) best
  1. You should work …
a) hard                b) harder               c) hardest
  1. The kids … be in bed now.
a) musts              b) must                  c) musted
  1. She goes to computer courses … a week.
a) once                b) one                    c) first
  1. Danny  … at the lessons every day.
a) is asked           b) be asked            c) are asked
  1. … my school there are many classrooms.
a) At                    b) In                       c) Into
  1. Tom is a person … we can rely on.
a) which              b) that                    c) who
  1. My sister is a person … I love very much.
a) what                b) whom                c) which
  1. Paul McCartney is … outstanding rock-singer.
a) the                   b) an                      c) a
  1. My friend was … only person who was right.
a) a                      b) an                      c) the
  1. A good sportsman is the one … wins international competitions.
a) that                  b) whose               c) who
  1. Biology is … . I am … in it.
a) interesting, interested                    b) interested, interesting
  1. I am not keen … porridge.
a) on                    b) about                 c) after
  1. Next year I … going to learn to play the piano.
a) is                     b) are                     c) am
  1. Our mother is a good … . She cooks well.
a) cook                b) cooking             c) cooker
  1. We have … our best.
a) do                    b) made                 c) done
  1. Where do you … your voluntary work?
a) do                    b) does                   c) make
  1. Do you … at your PE lessons?
a) play                 b) do                       c) go
  1. Seaside is the best place to … windsurfing.
a) play                 b) do                       c) go

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