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Тест по английскому языку 10 класс

Unit 4. Test 4A.
1.     Choose the correct item.
1.           I want him … back at 5.
a) to come   b) come    c) coming
2.           Ann would like us … to the museum.
a) going       b) go        c) to go
3.           I didn’t expect them … this difficult question.
a) answer     b) to answer    c) answering
4.           Mother never makes us …, we do it ourselves.
a) to wash up  b) wash up   c) washing up
5.           Daddy, let me … them!
a) joining     b) to join   c) join
6.     The children were made … the poem by heart.
a) learn        b) to learn  c) learning 
7.     Robert was allowed … the football match on TV.
a) to watch  b) watching   c) watch
8.     I saw my sister … a pie.
a) cooked    b) cooking   c) to cook
9.     Will your parents permit you …?
a) marry      b) married   c) to marry
10.     Mr. Gray felt the little girl … his hand.
a) to touch  b) touched    c) touch

2.     Express the same in English.
1.     Мы не хотим, чтобы вы делали это.
2.     Я не ожидала, что он знает поэзию так хорошо.
3.     ”Я заставлю тебя рассказать мне правду!” – закричала Нелли.
4.     Мы не заметили, как они вернулись.
5.     Ты слышишь, как плачет ребенок?

3.     Open the brackets to make the story complete.
It (1. be) a cold and stormy night. A traveler (2. ride) a horse. It (3. rain) cats and dogs and he (4. be) wet to the skin. He (5. ride) for a few hours before he could find an inn.
When he (6. enter) the inn he (7. see) a lot of people there. They (8. sit) in front of the fire and there (9. be, not) a seat left for him.
A good idea (10. strike) him. He (11. call) the waiter and (12. say) to him in a loud voice: ”Boy, take a plate of oysters to my horse”.
Everybody (13. be) surprised. The waiter (14. put) some oysters on the plate and (15. go) out. Naturally, the other people (16. go) out to see if the horse (17. eat) the oysters.
A few minutes later the waiter (18. return) with the news that the horse (19. refuse) to eat the oysters. When the other people (20. return) the (21. see) that the traveler (22. sit) comfortably on a chair. He (23. warm) his feet beside the fire. And suddenly everybody (24. realize) why the traveler (25. order) the waiter to take the oysters to the horse.

4.     Choose the correct word to complete the sentences.
1.     We’d like to find out young  people’s (views/looks) on religion.
2.     Modern farming methods have (made/done) considerable harm to the countryside
3.     You can marry if your parents (permit/forbid) you to do it.
4.     Children have the right to (protection/addiction).

Test 4B
 1.     Choose the correct item.
1.     Did you hear Sally … at the party?
a) to sing    b) singing        c) sang
2.     Mother watched the children … in the garden.
a) playing     b) played         c) to play
3.                 He was made … the problem immediately.
a) solve      b) to solve        c) solving
4.                 My friend’s parents didn’t let him … a collection of CDs.
a) to buy         b) buying          c) buy
5.                 John was never allowed …
a) to smoke   b) smoking     c) smoke
6.     The doctor made the nurse … the patient’s blood pressure again.
a) to test       b) testing          c)test
7.     The law forbids teenagers … alcohol.
a) drink     b) to drink         c) drinking
8.     Father doesn’t want me … an actor.
a) become    b) became      c) to become 
9.     We expect the bus … on time.
a) to arrive    b) arriving      c) arrive
10.           I wouldn’t like you … late.
a) returned    b) to return      c) return 

2.     Express the same in English.
1.     Внезапно она почувствовала, как кто-то дотронулся до ее плеча.
2.     Я никогда не слышал, как эта девочка смеется.
3.     Мне никогда не позволяют приходить домой поздно.
4.     Друзья Лены заставили ее рассказать правду.
5.     Никто не ожидает, чтобы подростки зарабатывали себе на жизнь.

3.     Open the brackets to make the story complete.
Three men came to New York. They (1. arrive) at a very large hotel and (2. take) a room there. Their room (3. be) on the forty-fifth floor.
In the evening the three men (4. go) to the theatre and (5. come) back to the hotel very late.
”I  (6. be) very sorry”, said the clerk of the hotel,”but our lifts (7. work, not) tonight. If you *(8. want, not) to walk upstairs to your room we (9. make) beds for you in the hall”.
”No, no”, said one of the three men. ”No, thank you. We (10. want, not) to sleep in the hall”.
Then he (11. tell) his two friends, ”It (12. be, not) easy to walk up to the forty-fifth floor, but I think  (13. know) how to make it easier. On our way to the room I (14. tell) you some jokes. Andy (15. sing)  us some songs. Then Peter (16. tell) us some interesting stories”.
So hey (17. begin) to walk upstairs to their room. Tom (18. tell) them many jokes, Andy (19. sing) some songs. At last they (20. come) to the thirty-fourth floor. They (21. be) tired and (22. decided) to have a rest.
”Well”, said Tom, ”now it (23. be) your turn, Peter”.
”I (24. tell) you a sad story”, said Peter. ”We (25. leave) the key to our room in the hall”.

4.     Choose the correct word to complete the sentences.
1.     A successful businessman has to be (aggressiveness/aggressive).
2.     My father was a (violence/violent) and dangerous man.
3.     People (complain/complaint) that they don’t get enough information.
4.     Children (develop/development) very rapidly.

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