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Тест по английскому языку 10 класс

Unit 3. Test 3A.
1.     Put the comparative or superlative from of the adjectives in brackets.
Last week, I went into town to buy a birthday present for my 1)… (old) sister. You couldn’t meet a  2) … (wonderful) person … she. She is one of 3) … (charming) and 4) … (funny) women I know. She is also 5) … (generous) person I’ve ever met. 6) … (bad) thing is that she has a 7) … (quick) temper … me. Mother says she could also be a bit 8) … (tidy) … she is. Anyway, the present I wanted to buy her had to be 9) … (good) I could afford. Eventually, I came across 10) … (beautiful) scarf I had ever seen. It was 11) … (long) … the one of she already had and much 12) … (colourful). Imagine my disappointment when the next day that mother had bought her exactly the same scarf.

2.     Fill in like or as.
Terry McCain works 1) … a pianist in a restaurant in Atlanta. No one in town plays the piano 2) … well 3) … he does. He looks a bit 4) … Stevie Wonder, that is why he known to his friends 5) … ”Stevie”. One night he was playing in the restaurant 6) … usual, when he was approached by the leader of the biggest jazz band in America. He offered Terry a job 7) … lead pianist in his band. This made him so happy he felt 8) … dancing on his piano. So he did!

3.     Fill in The Blanks with responses using so or neither.
Dan: Hi, I’m Dan. I arrived yesterday.
Sam: 1) So did I . The college looks like a nice place. I like it very much.
Dan: 2) … . I don’t know many people though.
Sam: 3) … . Actually, I haven’t  spoken to many students.
Dan: 4) … . What are you studying? I’m going to study History.
Sam: 5) … ! I loved it at school.
Dan: 6) …. I wouldn’t like to teach it though.
Sam: 7) … . I want to be an archaeologist.
Dan: 8) … . I think it’s a fascinating subject.
Sam: 9) … . I can’t imagine spending two years studying Maths.
Dan: 10) … . We seem to agree about everything, don’t we?

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