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Внеклассное мероприятие ”HALLOWEEN”

Cast: Giddy ghost – G.g.,
Little ghost – L.g.,
Horrible ghost – H.g.,
Spirit – S.,
Witch – W.,
Black Cat – B.c.,
Gray rat – G.r.,

G.g. – Hi, everybody! Today we’re going to speak about Halloween. Halloween comes on October 31. It’s not s legal or a national holiday.
H.g. – Halloween is the day or evening before All Saints’ Day. Many Halloween stories and games are hundreds of years old. Halloween customs date back to a time when people believed in devils and witches and ghosts.
S. – They thought that these evil spirits could do all kinds of damage to property. Some people tried to ward off witches by painting magic signs on their barns. Others tried to scare them away by nailing a piece of iron such as horseshoe over the door.
B.c. – The children draw pictures or write on the windows with soap, decorate the rooms with paper moons, witches, bats, ghosts and black cats. The guests try to frighten one another by telling ghost stories around an open fire.
W. – A favourite Halloween custom is to make a jack-o-lantern. The children scrape out a pumpkin and cut the outlines of eyes, nose and a mouth in the side. They light a candle inside the pumpkin to scare their friends.
(Появляются два приведения, ставят на край сцены тыкву и зажигают в ней свечу)
S. – The custom refers to a man named Jack who still wanders around the earth lighting his way with a pumpkin lantern.
(Выбегают дети, одетые в яркие карнавальные костюмы. Все привидения и ведьмы в ужасе прячутся.)
1.     Children dress up in funny clothes. They carry baskets and bags. They go from house to house and say ”Trick or Treat!”. People give them sweets, fruit, cakes or money. This is a nice, funny and ”tasty” holiday, isn’t it?
2.     Oh, Halloween the time of year
When ghosts can really talk;
The night when witches ride on brooms
And skeletons can walk.
3.  We put on masks and dress at night
To scare the folks we meet;
It’s lots of fun to knock on doors
And holler, ”Trick or Treat!”
4. Although our parents sometimes say:
”It’s really quite annoying,
Sure they’re only jealous of
The fun we are enjoying”.
5. The sky is blue.
The grass is green.
You got a penny
For Halloween?
6. Let’s play tricks. Trick or treat, trick or treat! Give us a treat or we will play a trick on you.
(Дети подходят к детям и говорят ”Trick or Treat!”. Если не получают монет или угощения, ”наказывают”, обсыпая зрителей ”конфетти”. Дети убегают, появляется L.g.)
L.g. -  Girls and boys, go out to play.
The moon is bright on Halloween night.
Take your candle, take your mask,
The moon is bright on Halloween night.
Look for witches, look for ghosts,
The moon is bright on Halloween night.
Hush! Someone’s opening the door! Someone’s going that way… (убегает)
G.r. – I run about the house at night. And no one seems to like me much. I think rats and mice are very nice. Our tails are long. Our faces are small. We haven’t any chins at all. Our ears are pink. And I think we are very nice! (Заметила G.g.) Oh! Giddy Ghost! What’s the matter?
G.g. – I’m so unhappy! Tonight is Halloween and I can’t say – that word…
G.r. – What word?
G.g. – The word all ghosts say when they go out hunting on Halloween.
G.r. – I’ll be glad to teach you.
G.g. – You are a real friend!
B.c. – Listen, Giddy: miaoww-w, miaoww-w…
(Крыса в ужасе убегает)
G.g. – Oh! No, that isn’t the ghost word.
W. – Of course, it isn’t! Such a silly cat! Such a silly ghost, not knowing how to say such an important word. The word is gobble, gobble, gobble…
G.g. – I’m sorry, but that is not the ghost word either.
H.g.Woo-o-o! (смотрит на луну)
G.g. – That’s it!
H.g. – That’s what?
G.g. – The ghost word! You just said it!
H.g. – The ghost word! You mean woo-o-o?
G.g. – Yes, yes! Will you teach me to say that word?
H.g. – Of course, I will. Now watch me very closely.
G.g.Woo-o-o(уходит довольный)
B.c. – That is best woo-o-o I have heard tonight.
H.g. – I’m very proud of you.
(выходит L.g.)
L.g. – Anything can happen on Halloween. It’s a magic night!
(все участники выходят на сцену и исполняют песню из учебника Кузовлева для 5 класса)

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