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Грамматический тест 8 класс

Test A.
1. According … the list he was the 10th.
a) to                       b) at                          c) on
2. The  British are not supposed to jump … queue.
a) the                     b) a                           c)an

You should get … most of your studies.
a) the                     b) a                           c) –

3. He grew up in New England, …?
a) don’t you          b) didn’t he               c) doesn’t he

I’m from Britain, …?
a) don’t I               b) aren’t I                 c) didn’t I

You’ve just been to the cinema, …?
a) haven’t you       b) don’t you             c) do you

4. He is … to be a great man.
a) said                   b) say                        c) says

5. You should … them.
a) helped              b) helping                  c) have helped

She … have been at home at the moment.
a) might                b) may                      c) – 

6. They … prefer to travel by train.
a) ‘d                      b) ‘ll                          c) ‘s

She … like to visit us soon.
a) ‘ll                      b) ‘d                          c) –

7. The books … to the library today.
a) have bee return     b) have been returned       c)has been returned

The TV programme … since 1989.
a) has been shown    b) have been showed        c) have been showing

8. I haven’t heard from him … a long time.
a) since                  b) for                        c) in

She has known them … many years.
a) since                  b) for                        c) – 

9. If I were you … .
a) I’d call her         b) I’ll call her           c) I’d called her

If the weather was fine … .
a) we’ll go swimming   b) we’d go swimming     c) we went swimming

10. I think so …!
a) else                    b) either                    c) too

I wouldn’t say … .
a) this                    b) that                        c) it

11. I’d like … be a rock star.
a) –                        b) to                           c) if

Test B.

1. I’m bored … this tradition.
a) of                       b) by                         c) for

2. We’re short of … money. Could you lend us some?
a) the                     b) a                            c) –

Russian athletes have set … new world record.
a) the                     b) –                            c) a

3. He never goes to museums, …?
a) doesn’t he         b) does he                   c) didn’t he

They like to keep it, …?
a) don’t they         b) aren’t they              c) do they

British food isn’t tasty, …?
a) is it                    b) isn’t it                    c) do it

4. They are … to have many children.
a) said                   b) says                        c) says

He is … to be well-mannered.
 a) know                b) knew                      c) known

5. He should… the rules better.
a) knew                 b) have known            c) knowing

She … have prepared for her test.
a) can                    b) could                       c) must

6. I … love to read all these books.
a) ‘d                      b) had                          c) ‘ll

7. The rules of this game … since the 19th century.
a) has been set      b) have been set          c) have been setting

Football … for hundred of years.
a) have been played        b) has been playing        c) has been played

8. He has been working … 5 o’clock.
a) since                 b) for                           c) –

They have learned English … 3 years.
a) since                 b) for                           c) –

9. If we bought these gloves for my granny … .
a) she’ll be happy     b) she’d happy        c) she’d be happy

If I were you … some nice clothes.
a) I’ll put on         b) I’d put on                c) I put on  

10. I don’t know … you’re right.
a) if                       b) that                         c) these

I doubt … you could tell me about it.
a) that                    b) if                            c) this

11. I’ll … receive a visa to travel in the USA.
a) –                        b) to                            c) if

Test C.

1. The match ended in favour … ”Liverpool”.
a) on                       b) of                        c) after

2. I can’t afford myself … car.
a) a                         b) the                       c) an

They  expect you to pay … compliment in return.
a) the                      b) a                          c) –

3. He’ll take part in the game, …?
a) doesn’t he          b) didn’t he              c) won’t he

Cricket is becoming more and more popular around the world, …?
a) doesn’t               b) isn’t                     c)  hasn’t it

People have different habits, …?
a) haven’t they       b) don’t they            c) do they

4. The British are … great tea drinkers.
a) consider             b) considered            c) considers

You’re … to be in time for the lunch.
a) supposed            b) supposes               c) suppose

Russian are … to be very hospitable.
a) believe               b) believing               c) believed

5. My Dad … have called us but we were out.
a) may                    b) might                    c) had

The pupil … have said such a silly thing.
a) should                b) shouldn’t               c) –

6. I … better go by taxi.
a) ‘ll                       b) ‘s                           c) ‘d

She … better go right now, it’s late.
a) ‘d                       b) ‘ll                           c) ‘s

7. The game … recently by our team.
a) has been won     b) have been winning   c) has been winning

Newspapers and magazines … just by the postman.
a) have been bring     b) has been brought    c) have been brought

8. Mother and father haven’t had rest … last year.
a) since                   b) for                         c) in

Our team hasn’t won the game … 2 weeks.
a) for                       b) since                     c) in

9. If she had more money … this hat.
a) she’ll buy            b) she’d bought        c) she’d buy

If I were sure I … about it.
a) won’t argue         b) wouldn’t argue     c) won’t argued

10. I’m sorry … I can’t agree.
a) but                       b) and                        c) too

I don’t think … true.
a) this                      b) that                        c) it’s

11. She’d expect him … bring this book soon.
a) to                         b) –                            c) if

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